Our supplier brands

Simply Floors stocks a wide range of carpet, laminate, vinyl and engineered wood flooring products from a trusted group of suppliers, including those below. If you are looking for a particular brand or product, please let us know – we will happily order in anything not already in stock.


BERRYALLOC_logo_Group_Q_met_groene_balkBerryAlloc (Laminate, Vinyl, Engineered Wood Flooring)

A consolidation of the former Berry Floor, Berry Wood and Alloc brands, BerryAlloc has the same passion for quality and innovation it has always had. Manufacturing its products in Belgium, France and Norway, the business sells to over 40 countries worldwide and ensures all its wood comes from sustainably managed forests.


brintons-logo-reducedBrintons (Carpets)

Brintons has been making British carpets in Kidderminster for over 230 years and, since it started in 1783, quality has always been paramount. Developing designs and colours in their own studios, Brintons make products of the highest quality.


brockway_logo_reducedBrockway Carpets

A family run business, Brockway have their own factory which gives them excellent control over materials and designs. Working with leading designers and colourists, they ensure their carpets match customers’ needs and hand-finish all their products to reach high quality standards.


cormar_logo_reducedCormar Carpets

Established in 1956, Cormar manufactures its products at two mills based in Lancashire. Placing emphasis on quality and reliability, Cormar has won over 30 carpet and flooring industry awards.


gerflor_logo_reducedGerflor (Vinyl)

Gerflor designs and manufactures innovative, decorative and environmentally responsible solutions that suit homes worldwide.


jacaranda_logo_reducedJacaranda (Carpets)

Including a number of handmade lines either woven on traditional wooden looms or hand-weaved, Jacaranda enjoys making carpets that cover a variety of textures. This means their carpets are warm and feel good underfoot, and makes each one unique in some way.


kahrs_logo_reducedKährs (Engineered Wood Flooring)

A Swedish business with a history of innovation during the last century, amongst other things, Kährs is credited with the invention of the modern engineered hardwood floor. It is now a well-known name, selling its floors worldwide.


lifestyle-floors_logo_reducedLifestyle Floors (Carpets, Laminate, Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

Offering a broad selection of different flooring types, Lifestyle Floors is focused on providing solutions to suit a variety of functional purposes. Offering various colours, textures and patterns, they look to meet the latest in interior trends.


penthouse_logo_reducedPenthouse Carpets

Manufacturing at a mill in Lancashire, Penthouse Carpets particularly focuses on British wool to make its products. For several decades Penthouse carpets has been passionate about their products’ comfort, warmth and durability.


polyflor_logo_reducedPolyflor (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

Based near Manchester, Polyflor works hard to understand the requirements of end-users and design its products to meet those needs. Having grown steadily since its founding in 1914, it now supplies its products worldwide.


rhinofloor_logo_reducedRhinofloor (Vinyl)

Creating quality vinyl flooring that is installed in homes throughout the UK, Rhinofloor offers designs covering woods, stones, tiles and mosaics. Catering for all tastes and budgets, all its products offer quality, style and value.


tarkett_logo_reducedTarkett (Vinyl)

Tarkett is a provider of innovative and sustainable flooring solutions, particularly focusing on vinyl. It has 34 industrial sites worldwide and sells its products to more than 100 countries.


telenzo_logo_reducedTelenzo (Carpets)

With a history going back to 1918 in Northern Holland, Telenzo established itself in the UK in the 1970s. Great attention is paid to important qualities such as ease of maintenance, durability, colour fastness and light resistance, anti-static and fire-proof properties.


victoriacarpets_logo_reducedVictoria Carpets

Based in Worcestershire, Victoria Carpets were proudly granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen in 2013 and is a leading carpet manufacturer in the UK. With a range of products to suit mid to top-end requirements, they manufacture high quality tufted and Wilton woven carpets.


westex_logo_reducedWestex Carpets

Based primarily in West Yorkshire, Westex Carpets has three dedicated manufacturing plants. Supplying carpets abroad as well as in the UK, they keep a close eye on quality control with all of their products.


whitestone_logo_reducedWhitestone Weavers / Hugh Mackay (Carpets)

Established in 1991, Whitestone Weavers designs and manufactures a range of woven and tufted carpets in its state-of-the-art facilities in the UK and Europe. With its UK base in Hartlepool, all products are made using fine British wool blends and advanced production methods.


To enquire about specific brands or products, please call us on 020 8942 1234 or request a call using the form below.