Since 1986, Simply Floors has been a leading retailer of Carpets in London, Surrey and the South East. With carpet ranges covering all designs, patterns, colours and materials, you are sure to find a style to match your requirements.

Choosing a carpet is not just about look and feel – it’s also important to consider where and how you will be using it. The carpets we supply are made from high-quality pure and blended materials, including wool, nylon and polypropylene.  This means we can offer soft, luxuriously fluffy feeling carpets that cushion your feet, or harder-wearing carpets for areas in your home that receive more footfall.

We source all our products from our trusted group of suppliers, which include well established brands such as Brintons, Brockway, Cormar, Jacaranda, Victoria and Westex. Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality carpet at a competitive price.

If you need some guidance choosing the right carpet, speak to our team on 020 8942 1234. You can also visit us at our shop where we will be happy to show you some samples.


How to choose carpet

There are a number of things to consider when picking the right carpet:


  • Wool – a natural fibre, wool carpets are typically the most comfortable, durable and, with appropriate care, will maintain their appearance well in the long run.
  • Polypropylene – made from a synthetic plastic-type material, these clean easily, though can flatten with very heavy use.
  • Nylon – also made from synthetic material, though slightly harder wearing than polypropylene.
  • Blends – these try to give you the best features of each material. A typical blend is 80% wool to 20% synthetic.


  • Woven carpets – typically at the high end of the market and can offer outstanding quality.
  • Tufted carpets (or ‘secondary backed’) – more commonly found and a very good choice for many homes.
  • Felt backed carpets – typically suited to where a low cost option is required.

Pile – cut pile carpets are made by cutting the tops of the loops that are threaded during weaving. This creates a soft and attractive appearance. When dealing with polypropylene carpets, loop pile is often better as it is more resilient to flattening. Different lengths of pile can produce different textures.

Count – this measures the number of tufts per square inch. A higher number usually indicates a better quality carpet.

Weight – more material used in the top of the carpet usually produces a higher quality finish.

Underlay – fitted beneath the carpet, this adds cushioning which makes the carpet softer to walk on. A good quality underlay can make a big difference to the comfort you feel.


For help choosing the right carpet for you, call us on 020 8942 1234 or request a quote.


Not looking for carpet?

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